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The Meaning Of The Eid ul Fitr in Indonesia

beg for forgiveness
Lebaran or Eid ul Fitr is the last day of Ramadan where the Muslims visit their friends and relatives to ask for forgiveness for any wrong they have done in the previous year. Traditional food is eaten in the social gathering, followed by the exchange of gifts and visits to a recreational park. Jakarta, Java, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia looks very bright and colorful on this day. This is an ideal time to experience most popular Indonesian Eid ul Fitr. The government prevents vagrants, beggars and other social undesirables from migrating into the city. The Lebaran celebration and festive gathering, prolongs for a week or two, where even non-Muslim are invited by the group.

The holy month of Ramadan and the social day of Lebaran, are the popular picks by international tourists. These events are really a great and an amazing occasion’s to witness.

togetherness in Eid ul Fitr shalat
Hari Raya Idul Fitri in Indonesia - Eid ul Fitr is the most significant Muslim festival in Islamic Calendar. It is celebrated on the end of holy month of Ramadan. During the Ramazan, Muslims offer prayers in Mosque in large numbers. They also observe fasting throughout the month of Ramzan just before these Eid celebrations. The month of Ramazan holds a deep significance in Muslim history as the holy book of 'Quran' was revealed during this month. During this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset everyday for a month. Most parts of the Southeast Asia celebrated this great occasion of Eid as Hari Rya Aidil fitri.

Eid is celebrated on the first day of Shawwal. Shawwal is the tenth month in holy Islamic Calendar. Families begin this Eid morning with a special Prayer also known as Eid Prayer. This prayer offers a special thanks to god for the strength and discipline received during the holy month of Ramadan. People distribute sweets and children wear new clothes on this great Muslim festival known as Eid.

Eid ul Fitr Shalat in Palembang
The people of Indonesia celebrate Eid ul Fitr with great enthusiasm and peace. The message of brotherhood is spreader all throughout the country. Muslims people wear new clothes and distribute sweets to mark this auspicious festival in Islamic calendar. On this great occasion of Eid ul Fitri, markets all through Indonesia are decorated and people enjoy shopping with great fun.

Banks, private offices and government centers are closed for almost one week in Indonesia.

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