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Avoid Fatigue and Sleepiness While Driving

Almost all car or motorcycle riders have experienced sleepiness or exhaustion while riding. If only we could rest or sleep for a moment, then it's possible disaster can be avoided, even  disasters are the Will of Allah swt alone, but we are obliged to try to avoid it.
We may have even less sleep all night because we had to finish the job and the next morning we had to travel by driving our own vehicle.

90% of traffic accidents due to human error. 30% of Human error is due to drowsiness.

if we are sleepy and tired when we drive, all of efforts have been made ranging from drinking plenty of water, eat nuts, with energy drinks but still tired and sleepy couldn't avoided.

I often experience the same thing and Alhamdulillah the trips arrive at the destination on time and safely. In this case, I want to share the tips how to driving without sleepy / tired with our condition still fresh.

Cucumber will be a solution in your trip.

the way is,
  1. Fresh cucumber that we tap-tap gently until slightly bruised so easily exit the water and sap,
  2. We cut two or three by hand, do not use a knife to keep it sterile,
  3. Pressing the cucumber slices, we drop it a bit much to both of eyes to the inside of the eyelid as if when using boorwater. Do not forget our our eyes must blinked for a few times, so that the cucumber droplets react immediately
  4. Feeling the magic of the cucumber droplets: "the eyes become bright, minds and our brains fresh again",
  5. We are ready to travel roughly can last about 4-5 hours. but if after that, we have to rest to restore our bodies.
Hopefully, my tips is being one reason, that you are kept away from accident on the highway trafic. ameen.

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