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Side Effect of Sustainable Herbal Consuming

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Herbs to treat diseases as an alternative we have done in the community. This method is considered to avoid the cost of expensive and fairly effective.

We certainly still remember the invention of "the fruit of the gods crown" and "red fruit" from Jayawijaya mountains of Papua. Yammer also efficacy of soursop leaves, binahong leaves, betel leaves, bay leaves and others. As a result, many are cured but many are getting worse. There are opinions, it's just a placebo effect.

I strongly agree the benefits of herbs, but after I had in deeply examined, why the herbs that should be efficacy even be a disaster. Why is that and what is the problem?

As an illustration, why Mr. A who was cured cancer by eating red fruit but why Mrs B was getting worse. The complaint came after consuming of herbs in a sustainable manner. What was wrong?

Consuming herbal, strongly recommended, however, that one is constantly taking the herbs will be a big problem.

DO NOT put food substitute to being the staple food.

It's Problem. Indonesian human staple food is rice, and the pure water or tea as a main of drinking. Well, now people constantly consume soursop leaf decoction, may be our digestion can support it in the beginning week, but and in a few weeks later, our disgetion will be poisoning or the stomach boredom we receive soursop leaf decoction.

try it if we eat constantly eating the same rice boiled eggs, what happens?

Man is essentially a omnifora, eating and drinking are multi-variant, so if just eating only one type of food, our stomach will revolt, so that new problems will arise. Logical?

These tips on how to consume Herbal,
  • Drinking or eating herbal randomly or alternately with different types of herbs with balanced pattern. For example, 2 days drinking soursop leaf decoction, 2 days later drinking bay leaves, two more days drinking noni continue so ago beberpa Secondly reusan just met with soursop leaves. In order for our bodies to get the intake variation.

  • Do not forget the food and beverage staples such as rice and drinking enough water oxygen levels.
Hopefully we understand what it is the best to do.

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