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Ketupat is Food Typical of Eid ul Fitri of Indonesia

Whatever menu eid ul fitr celebrating certainly feels incomplete without ketupat as the entry sign for the month of Shawwal Indonesia especially Java communities. Do we know the origin of the ketupat itself? we refer to with the history of the ketupat that characterizes the celebrating of eid fitri .

According Dutch historian H.J. de Graaf in the Malay Annals, ketupat is a symbol of Islamic celebrating during the reign of Demak, led by Raden Patah in the early 15th century.

De Graaf said ketupat wrap made from young coconut leaves, serve to indicate the identity of coastal culture where many coconut trees.
Yellowing of the leaf interpreted by de Graff as Java coastal community efforts to distinguish green from red from the Middle East and East Asia.

Sunan Kalijogo as one of Walisongo a great contribution in spreading Islam in the inland of Java, by combining Islam with java cultur. ketupat then used as a symbol of Islamic culture of Java, which had previously been known in the public. In his message he put ketupat philosophical meaning as follows:
  1. Shape of the ketupat, defined as a qibla "papat limo pancer". Papat interpreted as a symbol of the four main compass points: east, west, south, and north. Means to be human in wherever direction we don't forget to go pancer (direction) Qiblah or direction of shalat.
  2. Reflects the cleanliness and purity of heart after beg forgiveness of any wrongdoing, seen from the white color ketupat if halved.
  3. Reflect perfection, if viewed from a ketupat. All that is connected with the victory of Muslims after the month-long fasting and eventually stepping Fitr day.
According to Slamet Mulyono in Pepak Dictionary Java language, comes from the word Kupat ketupat. Paraphrasing Kupat is ngaku lepat: "plead guilty". Leaf that wraps ketupat is short for the word "jatining nur " which could be interpreted conscience. Philosophically rice is filled into wicker ketupat describe lust. Thus shape symbolizes lust ketupat world is wrapped with a conscience.

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