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Is it true that you are suffering "Kidney Failure"?

The kidneys are two pairs of organs under the rib, flanked either side of the spine. Functioning kidneys filter waste products of metabolism and the body's fluid balance monitoring and body electrolyte concentration. Useful chemicals are then reabsorbed and useless excreted through urine (urine).

"Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are damaged so failed to function. Consequently, substances toxin metabolism continues to circulate in the blood and accumulate in the body. Poisoning may cause vomiting, weakness, disorientation and coma. At the same time, because kidneys stop producing the hormone erythropoietin, bone marrow becomes inefficient to produce red blood cells, causing anemia. Renal failure can be acute or chronic. "

Statement above shows how a person convicted expected even kidney failure. There are many questions envelop my mind (I'm not a medical) but in daily, I am much concerned with issues like this..

Before further confusion, let's use the logic that God created human beings called super-complicated warrants that we refer to as the feasibility of future life or so-called HOPE HEALTH.

Healthy expectancy means people will enjoy a healthy life without suffering health problems - due to severe illness or because of damage to the body organs. According to Wealth & Health of Nations (WHO) in 2011 that the life expectancy of Indonesia until the age of 69 years, up from 52 years in the 1970s. That means Allah Almighty guarantee decent living for 69 years. SubhanAllah, most Gracious and most Compassionate.

If we go through life with a normal pattern of life, no exaggeration, no damage or tyrannical in our body and soul, then we will live a decent least until the age of 69 years. Is it true that a person suffering "kidney failure" at the age below 50 years, with a history of normal life?

Something failed means fails to production or manufacturing defect is different from the definition of "broken - damage". Medical call with "kidney failure" and never call it "kidney damage". The assumption, kidney failure means failure / defect production, isn't it?

If so, should a person with kidney failure has been detected at an early age (toddlers). But why was stated that a person suffering from kidney failure at the age of 40 years and above?

If it is many years until the age of 40-60 years have the potential kidney disorder that is very likely, as human nature would damage / fragility.That means someone not convicted "kidney failure" but just "experience of kidney disorder" or more serious called "KIDNEY DAMAGE", isn't it?

What is kidney failure that same understanding with failing renal function or renal function or renal fail failed to function and not since the baby?

Then we may mean that a person who suffered kidney failure is temporary and not permanent. It also indicates, do not need to do a "blood transfusion" and "dialysis" is continuously. Unless the damage is already at the level of end-stage, dialysis merely prolong the life with the body weakness and eventually die or not to do dialysis and die more quickly.

Dialysis only makes your body addicted. Our bodies will suffer if too late to do dialysis. What should we do if we are really suffering from kidney failure?
  • If we have indicated as patients with renal failure, but we can still fit the conditions, then do not do dialysis.
  • Fix lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise regularly so that we are always sweating and metabolism is still running well.
  • Because once we do the dialysis, then we will continue as addiction drug addicts. Lifetime we will always undergo dialysis.
What if we are already used to doing dialysis and we want to stop?
Go with it because if we stop it means we're facing early death. Unless we are able to break the addiction and get through the toughest times, such as: body chills, weakness, suffering pain, dehydration, pallor, shortness of breath. Fought and fought ... do teraphy continuously herbal medicine.

okay ... we will continue similar articles on the next occasion.

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    1. pain, dehydration, pallor, shortness of breath. Fought and fought ... do teraphy continuously herbal medicine.