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Swollen Lymph Nodes and its impact

Lymph nodes are part of the defense system of our body. Our body has approximately 600 lymph nodes. Wrapped in a fibrous capsule that contains a collection of cells forming the body's defenses and is a screening antigen (foreign protein) of the lymph vessels that pass through it. Lymph vessels will flow to that of Lymph Nodes Lymph node location will be known to the flow of lymph vessels that pass through it.

Therefore bypassed by the flow of lymph vessels that can carry antigens (microbes, foreign substances) and has immune cells so if there are antigens that infect the lymph nodes can produce immune cells that much more to overcome the antigen so that nodes swollen lymph.

Lymph node swelling
Swollen lymph nodes can be derived from the addition of immune cells derived from Lymph node itself such as lymphocytes, plasma cells, monocytes and histiocytes, or because the arrival of inflammatory cells (neutrophils) to overcome the infection in the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis ), infiltration (entry) of malignant cells or macrophages pile of metabolites diseases (Gaucher disease).

Lymph node swelling is not a disease but a swelling of the glands that is a manifestation of an infection or inflammation of one of the organs of our body.

Lymph node swelling is actually not to be overly problematic, because Swollen Lymph Nodes can heal by itself, but the need in question is the root cause of the Swollen Lymph Nodes itself.

And if the cause Lymph Nodes Swollen already known and be resolved soon, then, God willing, Swollen Lymph Nodes itself will heal by itself.

Unless, the root causes of Swollen Lymph Nodes was not immediately discovered and addressed, then Swollen Lymph Nodes difficult for normal or incurable.

Or, if the Lymph node swelling is turning into cancer. problem into another. Become more complex and very difficult to overcome. And if you can incurable, is a gift of God's incredible.

In this case, not at all meant to scare, only to become "early warning" for all of us to always be cautious and prudent in the face of trouble, lest we find solutions even increase the problem.

Wise words: "death is the destiny whereas the way, how and where death is fate."

In the words of the wise, so we always enjoy a healthy life, not the prolonged suffering.

Cancer has become one of the most torturous disease both physical and spiritual. And Lymph node swelling can be the starting point of aggressive tumor wrong if we handle it.

Prompts if you have swelling of Lymph Nodes:
  1. Immediately change our lifestyle, which includes diet and drink and sleep patterns; controlling emotion and stress.

  2. Avoid drinks that have an impact on eating our stomach to be bloated and nauseous, whatever it is.

  3. Multiply consume fruits and vegetables, but fruits that make us bloating or nausea as well as some raw vegetables with High gas levels.

  4. Consuming a multivitamin supplement or alternately (either brand or type)

  5. Herbs with alternate ways too.

  6. Not too much abstinence, except that I mentioned above.

  7. Do not use / apply balm or heat up in about swelling, as it will only become more swollen.

  8. Giving MSG (spices) are allowed, certainly within normal limits. With the aim to increase appetite. Instead, if we are already used to using spices, then dipantang - instead we will lose appetite-that impact on the quality of the body's defenses.

  9. Strive for activities on a regular basis and not bed rest, because if we dwell too much will make the body become weak and our souls. Move while you can so that we always berkerinngat - will increase metabolism.

  10. Whatever we do is aim to increase stamina, to be able to improve the foreign cells or damaged cells in our body.
if already experiencing Lymph node cancer and were already broken. In addition to the above suggestions we have:
  1. clean the wound thoroughly, at least 1 x daily clean up of pus and dead skin, pus and dead skin because it will be more painful and undermine other parts.

  2. It's good in mebersihkan wounds from fragments of the cancer enlist the help of a nurse, who is obviously an expert at it and know what to do.

  3. Clean the wound can use NaCl, after clean, can be added drugs antibiotics sow, do not be crem or gel. Can be added betadine or propolis. It's just when using propolis and betadine injuries tend to smell.

  4. But it would be better if the consultation with the doctor, of course, still have the idealistic doctor and integrity, not least because doctors tend to do a shortcut and profitable without taking into account factors including the patient's body and the resilience of the financial ability of factors, such as the method of chemotherapy that is done repeatedly. See how the impact of chemotherapy on the patient, is there a full recovery? of course there is, but with a very small percentage. should check it.
Before I end, I ceaselessly to suggest:

Eating / drinking well is the best medicine

So first, because of course there are a lot that I need to add. May be useful.

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