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How to Differentiate Benign Tumors and Cancer

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I've discussed the " swollen lymph nodes and its impact" in the previous article and relate to what I will discuss today.

It has been very much about what was discussed Malignant Tumor or Cancer and Benign Tumor. We also easily meet the ins and outs of cancer and benign tumors just by typing a few keywords in Google Mas will be out hundreds of similar articles.

I want to discuss what has not been much discussed. of course, is the result of my experience in everyday life, how we can distinguish benign tumors with cancer that can be understood by the general

Because if we use a foreign language or medical, that looks so cool and so scientific but actually we do not understand the meaning and intent, right?

tumors with slow growth,chewy and not dangerous
To avoid confusion and ambiguity, I limit the type of tumor / cancer that grows on the outside of the body just as different from growing in internal organs, such as tumor / cancer of the lung, colon, stomach, liver, etc.

If we find the part of our body grow lumps, then drastically we feel a sense of anxiety and we hurriedly went to the doctor for a check through a series of tests with a fairly high cost.

Doctor As a medical institution or personal who has the authority to determine a disease but not forever be a truth.

So before going to the doctor, I will give suggestions how to find out if we include the lump is benign or cancerous tumor types:
slow growth,hard and not dangerous
  1. Identify the growth of tumor from its taste

    Benign tumors usually do not have a good sense of pain nor feeling nyut

    Cancer. At first it will feel nyut / senut occasionally more and more frequently and will continue to happen until nyut getting sick and almost never stop unless eating anesthetic. And even then only let up for a moment.

  2. Identify  the growth of tumor from its color

    Benign tumors do not change the color on the growth of fixed locations such as skin color, at least just a little brighter because of swelling

    Cancer will continue to change with growth. The color is pale to red began to flush a little flame like ulcers, swollen and eventually rupture followed pain relentless.
    But there is also a plain-looking, just lump enlarged diikut aches and pains increasingly hardened but not broken. Such is usually started and spread to the surrounding areas.

  3. Identify the growth of tumor from density or hardeness

    Benign tumors usually contain soft lumps, chewy, not so hard and loud several tumor types were left with pain and discoloration, the only sore in the vicinity.

    Cancer. there are soft and chewy, but will continue to swell until reduced elasticity and over time will break. There is also a HARD / hardened continue to grow as broccoli followed by an increase in pain aches constantly.

  4. Identify the growth of tumor from growth rate

    Benign tumors. growth is usually slow in years.
    But there is also a fast-growing tumor, but not accompanied by pain, just sore.

    Cancer. Relatively fast growth can happen in a few weeks or months continues to grow, and become wild.

  5. Identify the growth of tumor from its temperature

    Benign tumors if we touch the back palm, the temperature will be the same as the normal surrounding areas in other parts of the body.

    Cancer, it will feel much hotter than the surrounding area.

  6. Identify the growth of tumor from growth type
    Benign tumor. growth is slow, it will not turn into cancer.
    Benign tumor. growth is slow, but it could turn into cancer by itself but growth slowly.
    Benign tumor. growth is slow, but if disturbed or contact stimuli it will quickly turn into cancer in a couple of weeks.
    There is also a tumor with rapid growth in a matter of weeks or months and immediately sentenced to cancer
So if you or anyone else who had a lump in our bodies, it would be wise if not panic. Quiet and soon to be examined through the above indications. Then to do the treatment, because many treatments that exploit our fears for financial purposes.

Indications discussed above occurs in most, but there are also exceptions, in contrast to the events in general.

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